Cairnwood is a small quiet village at the base of the Dragon Mountains. This normally sleepy settlment host several important religious events for the empire, it is also the last stop for pilgrims before they enter the dragon mountains to pray before the tree of the sacred goddess.

The town is currently lead by a middled aged man named Bron. Bron took over leadership when Duke Corvac of Cairnwood and his family were tragically killed on a return joureny from Gregminster several years ago. Bron’s wife Agata now runs their Inn, the Scarlet Rest (the only inn in Cairnwood).

There are 4 other taverns, The Painted Lady, The Dented Shield, Hen’s Home, and the Goddess’ Goblet but none have the prestigee of being that Inn which houses the Imperial Family during their pilgrimage, that honor belongs to the Scarlet Rest.

Other notable businesses are Felder’s Smithy, currently run by Felder’s grandson Jareth and Veren’s Trading Post which supplies the town with goods from around the empire.

The village also contains a leatherworker, herbalist, a small stables, a fishery, a cobbler and clothier, as well as a capenter and mason to maintain the buildings.

Population: ~900


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