The Belus region was acquired by the Empire shortly after the collaspe of the Kooluk Empire. The many barons and princes attempting to seize power in the region were easily divided and subdued by the superior forces of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Over 100 years later few inhabitants of the region identify themselves with the Kooluk. Most think of themselves as citizens of Scarlet Moon. The region has prospered under the rule of the current governor, Emmerich Lehrer.

The region’s major city is Bellona and is home of the governor. Other cities of note are Deumus on the nothern banks of the Dunan River, Eurbye on the banks of the Eldol river, which splits from the Dunan, the town of Leir, the small village of Flint and Raven’s Point, the last stop before Raven Fort which guards Raven Pass and the region from invasion by the southern Kooluk principalities.

The region mainly produces fruits which are farmable almost year round in the warm southern climate.

Belus also contains the largest population of Kobolds outside of the The Great Forest.


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