Scarlet Moon Empire

The Scarlet Moon Empire, also known informally as Scarlet Moon, refers to the dominating nation in the Toran region from 230 to present.

Its capital city was the city of Gregminster, located northeast of Lake Toran in the center of the nation. Scarlet Moon bordered the City-States of Jowston to the north, a number of small countries to the west, Kanakan via an ocean border to the southwest and territories of the former Kooluk Empire to the south.

The nobility of the Empire is also important in terms of it’s structure.

The Empire contains six administrative regions Arlus, Gouran, Kunan, Dana,Senan and Belus. There are also three “autonomous” areas that swear fealty to the Emporer but are responsible for their over goverence, these are The Great Forest, Lorimar and the Dragon Knight’s Domain.

Scarlet Moon Empire

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