In each round of a duel a character may make a sinlge standard action, no actions provoke attacks of opportunity unless otherwise noted. In addition to this action you select one of the following options each round:

Defend- Your AC for the round increases by 5 and you gain DR 10/- you may make no standard action this round. If your foe selected Special Attack you recieve an attack off opportunity. If this hits your foe loses their standard action for the round.

Attack- Your Attack and Damage rolls are increased by +2 for the round. If your foe selected Defense for this round they count as AC 10 against your attack.

Special Attack-If you hit with an attack this round the attack is a critical and it is automatically confirmed. If your foe selected Attack for this round and your attack hits they lose their action for the round.

Each round of a duel begins with each combatant selecting their action and option for the round. They then make a Sense Motive check (DC = foe’s bluff or intimidate score + 10). If their check is successful by 5 or more then the opponet reveals which option they chose. If the check is successful by less than 5 the the oppenent reveals one option they did not choose. The combatant may change their option once this information is given. The checks are made simulanteously.

The characters then releave which option they chose

Special Attack acts first, then Attack and finally combatant that chose Defend act.

The duel procceds until one participant is unconcious.

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