A dwarven craftsman

AC: 10 Senses Perception +8
Fort: +2 Attack +6/+1; 1d4 (pot)
Ref: +2 Skills: Craft (Arms & Armor): +10 Profession(Blacksmith): +8 Sense Motive: +8 Knowledge (Engineering): +10 Appraise: +10
Will:+4 Feats: Skill Focus (Profession) Skill Focus (Craft) Master Craftsman
HP: 22 Str: 14 Dex: 12 Con: 12 Wis: 10 Int: 15 Cha: 10

Bosse is a middle aged dwarf craftsman. Recently he has discovered a method or creating an alloy from rune shards and dwarven mined ore. This alloy creates metal that is very strong and has a resistance to rune magic.

Currently he is on a journey with his apprentice and 3 other dwarves to propose the use of this new alloy to equip the Imperial Army. This has lead him to Cairnwood seeking a personal meeting with the Crowned Prince Barbarossa Runger.

To most Bosse reminds them of a proud lion. He has slitted azure eyes. His straight, red hair has touches of gray and is worn in a precise, simple style. He has a stout build and full dwarven beard. His clothes are elaborate and classy, with a lot of white and green.


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