Acting mayor of Cairnwood

AC: 9 Senses Perception +0
Fort: -1 Attack +1; 1d6 (quarter staff)
Ref: -1 Skills: Profession (Innkeeper): +8 Profession(Mayor): +5 Knowlege (Local): +2 Dipolmacy: +5
Will:+3 Feats: Skill Focus (Diplomacy) Skill Focus (Profession)
HP: 8 Str: 11 Dex: 9 Con: 8 Wis: 12 Int: 10 Cha: 13

Bron is the former Innkeeper of the Scarlet Rest and keeper of the Corvac Estates. Bron inherted the duties of the mayor’s office when Duke Corvac and his family were killed on a trip returning from Gregminster. Bron eagrly awaits the day when he can go back to his former duties but so far the Emporer has not entrusted the lands to any noble.

Most people say Bron reminds them of a loyal dog. He has slanted coffee-colored eyes. His rough, unkempt, hair is honey-colored. He has an average build and is rather lanky. He has knobby ears. His clothes is simple but well made, utilizing mostly brown and grey colours.

He is married to Agata and has a single daughter Jovana.


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