Barbarossa Runger


Age: 24
Appearance: Barbaross is an imposing man standing at 6’2” and in exceptional physical condition. His black hair is neatly groomed and he has begun to grow the mustache that has characterized every Scarlet Moon Emporer since the first.

Class: Aristocrat/Warrior Alignment: LG

Barbarossa Rugner is actually the sixth son of Michelan Rugner and, because of this, had no chance of succeeding the throne. As such, little attention was paid to the young Barbarossa who played with common children and studied whatever he wished. However, as the years passed, two of his elder brothers fell ill and died to different diseases and Michelan worried his other sons had grown weak and corrupt from their pampering. And so, Michelan came to name Barbarossa as Crown Prince of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Now, in 446, Barbarossa is on a pilgrimage to pray for good harvest in Kunan. His father Michelan Rugner is ill, and it looks certain the Barbarossa will succeed him shortly.

Barbarossa Runger

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