The Succession War

Setting out for Belus

The castle bussled with activaty as Darren, Doughan, Kaleb, Miya and Xiao began the final preparations for their joureny. They made their way across the courtyard and to the stables where Dart had been given a special lodging, separate from the other animals.

As they approached the building Meinard the stable master the buildings doors and crossed the newly cobbled path out of the stable and towards the party. “G’mornin to you.” he said with a wide grin reveal several missing teeth. “Emporer Barbarossa came to me yesterday and said you’d be coming by to collect Dart. I think she knows it too, she’s been frisky since sun rise. Anyways he also said we can’t have the hero’s of Pannu Yakatu travelling all the way to the Belus region without horses.” With a sweeping gesture Meinard turned and lead the party into the stables where he had six horses stood saddled and held fast by stable hands. “I picked the best trained and hardiest of them.” Meinard patted the large bay at one end of the line “Stärke, here is as strong a pack horse as we’ve got in Pannu Yakatu, treat him well.”



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