The Succession War

Fog and Fey

As the party stood amongst the gore of the fallen teenaged ninja capybaras a partol of the imperial army was drawn to the sounds of battle. Unsure what to with motly group of adventures the partol escorted them back to their camp. There the party met with Captian Bergen Foley leader of the 3rd Imperial Legion. Surronded by enemies the party was saved by Darren invoking his name and rights as a noble and supporter of the Empire, Bergen was thrown off balance and offered the group lodging until the storm had passed.

After two days of waiting the rain relented the party was directed to the border village of Chepstow. There they crossed the Treefor stonebridge which spans over two miles, the entire width of Eurbye river.

As the party entered the Belus region they found themselves in the village of Lier with little sense of direction. The party made their way to a seedy tavern known as the Enchanted Tailor and there Miya formulated a plan of action. They party would joureny to the captial Bellona, along they way they would speak to the people of the region and determine how they view the new Emperor, Geil Runger. Once the party arrived in Bellona they would out how the nobles who controlled the region felt about Geil aswell.

After deciding this the party slipt off, Darren and Dart headed to the outskirts of town to draw less attention. Miya began to gather information in the town’s market square. Kaleb and Xioa were sent to find accomidations for the party and Doughan elected to entertain a group of children with his magical talents.

Doughan quickly learned he was a poor showman and the children began to grow bored the same tricks. In an effort to maintain their attention Doughan produced a harpy from his deck of illusions. The terrfied screams of children eventually drew th guards who found Doughan and after a brief interrogation confiscated his deck until he left the town.

The Xiao and Kaleb found rooms for the party at the Fiery God inn and that evening they ate together in the common room. As the night wore on Miya began to intergrate herself into the local culture, becoming embroiled in the fight which broke out moments later. Afterward Xiao escorted an intoxicated Miya to her room and locked the door leaving through the window. Skulkling along the outside of the building he made his way to the next window and swung himself into the room. Too late he realized the room was occupied by a young couple who took great offense to his sudden apperance. Xiao lept out the window and was quickly followed by screams of suprise and the room’s chamber pot.

The next morning the party set out towards Bellona. Just before midday the party came upon an the remains of an orchard. Upon investigating they found that the land had become blighted and that the former owners where perparing to leave. Kaleb was unable to uncover the source of the blight but realized that powers beyond his understanding were at work.

As the party continued on to Bellona they noticed that the morning misty from the nearby fens failed to clear from the air. Kaleb and Doughan could find no method mystical or mundane to dispel the mists. As they pressed forward the mist thicked and screams could be heard from emintating from it. Then not 40 paces from them a man bursh from the mists and was instantly cut down. Xiao immediately dragged the man to safety allowing Kaleb to return him to life with his resurrection rune. The man weak an afraid babbled incoherently about monsters in the mist the size of giants but with strange cruel weapons. By the time the party mustered the courage to venture into the unknown the mist had evaporated leaving behing a the slaughtered bodies of the mans companions.vThe party continued on using the abandon wagon to house the bodies of the fallen travelers until they could find a place to bury them properly.

Before night fell the mysterious fog once again began to surround the party and they were quickly separted from one another. The man they had save ran in fear and his death screams echoed in the air.

Out of no where vine-like whips lashed out at Xiao and Doughan. Miya screamed as she was pulled deeper into the fog and the party quickly followed after her only to be confronted by a strange goblin like creature that cackled wildly and lunged forward. The party prevailed against the monsters and the fog once again withdrew…



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